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If you have had disappointing experiences, poor customer service, rude treatment by management, bait and switch attempts, or have been flat out lied to your face by casino employees and representatives, then voice your COMPLAINTS on this website.

I made a reservation to stay at Mystic Lake Casino two months in advance. Never stayed in this Hotel prior to this. So I had no idea what to expect. Other than I was expecting a great experience with great accommodations.

When I made my reservation there is also a $25 deposit required by credit card for incidentals. I was paying cash so I made arrangements to pay the $25 dollar deposit for incidentals in cash during my check in process. I also made arrangements to pay for my stay in cash. Which was approved by one of the front desk supervisors Tony.

When I had arrived to check in on my first night that’s when the weekend of horror started.
Thanks to:
Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12


“I am the supervisor!”

I had everything cleared and set up to do the cash deposit and pay cash for my room; remember by Tony (also a front desk supervisor). When I arrived to check in I get a horrible supervisor Cynthia.
Who was harassing me with every breath she took. Cynthia was a time waster. She did not read the notes on my reservations. Oh you can’t pay cash for the deposit! You have to have a credit card or you cannot stay hear.
If she had read the notes on the reservation she would have been aware of the simple fact that it was cleared already.

But she wanted to do things her way.

Now that is a poor excuse for a Supervisor?

No Customer Service from the front desk.

Cynthia sure set the mood for my very first stay at Mystic Lake Casino.
H O R R I B L E experience.

When I gave her the cash to pay she flipped out and did not no how to give me proper change back. She questioned me numerous times about the amount I gave her.
How hard is it to do simple math? Or better yet key in the amount and let the computer do the work for you.
She finally gave me my correct change, but it took her almost seven minutes after she was done arguing about it.
Then after that she didn’t want to give me the comps that were part of my reservation for the weekend.
The Complementary $10 gambling and $10 food voucher one set for each day was a major part in why I chose to stay at the location that I did.

I could not take her horrible attitude any longer and ask to speak to a supervisor.

Her response “YOUR SPEAKING to a SUPERVISOR!!”


“I am the supervisor!”

I asked then to speak to a different supervisor who would allow me to check in.
Cynthia’s response was “oh there both at lunch I don’t think that they are available?”

What kind of customer service is that?
Put yourself in my shoes.
First impressions are everything. Unless you like abuse.

My whole experience to stay here was ruined by the first line of customer service.
The first line of customer service failed.

She actually walked away from the front counter and who showed up, but Tony.
I was not happy with the check in process via Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12.


“I am the supervisor!”

So while I’m still standing at the check in counter I decide to call a Premium Hotel down the street.
They had opening for both days and at a better price.
But, Tony had assured me that everything with my accommodations and my stay would be fine. And he had also apologized for my horrible experience that I was having at the front desk; to check in.
The rates at the other motel were better also.

Mystic Lake Casino give them an inch and the staff will ruin every day of your stay.

A real customer service Supervisor (Tony).
He finished checking me in and gave me the comps that Cynthia did not want to produce.
During my final check in with Tony I talked to him about paying for the room on Saturday with a credit card.

He (Tony) said, no problem. Just check in early and you can just leave your things in the room so you don’t have to change rooms.
Your cash deposit will just stay the way it is and just pay for the room with the credit card.
If you need any help Saturday I will be here to assist you.

I finally went up stairs to my room, but no wait.
Guess who created my magnetic keys that did not work?
Exactly Cynthia.

So now I have to go back down to the main level to get my NEW magnetic room keys. Carrying my luggage the whole way.

I just loved the up and down the elevator bologna just to check in to my room;
thanks Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12.


“I am the supervisor!”

I should have brought more bags for my stay.
Had nothing better to do than waste my time and money on Cynthia’s power tripping arrogant attitude.
Tony is still there gets me my new room keys.
Why couldn’t she have been a great customer service person like Tony?

Finally 45 minutes later I am able to get into my room.
No thanks to “I am a supervisor.”

First set of Comps:
When I spent over $20 dollars on the slot machines to get my $10 dollar comp. But the machines I was using were not registering my dollars being spent on my Clubmystic card. Spend $10 dollars to get a $10 voucher (comp).
I went to two different locations in the Casino to use my voucher; the cashier window and the last one was the front desk.

WHERE the response from the male front desk person was “oh there is nothing I can do about it you have to spend more money to get the $10 dollars registered on the card.”

There is the bait and switch.
If its not bait and switch what would you call it?

When did the customer become the problem solver?

I spend more money and finally get the $10 comp. What a joke.
Keeps the horrific atmosphere rolling from the time I check in.

Saturday I check in early. Same room. Just pay for that day.
These were the instructions that I was given by Tony. As previously stated.

Did not happen that way.
Guess which way it did happen.
You guessed it.

Here comes another horrible experience.
On day two of Mystic Lake Casino Sucks!

Guess who is there to check me in again?
Yes your right it’s Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12.

“I am the supervisor!”
My second occurrence with Cynthia was just as horrific as the first.
You cannot use the $25 cash deposit since now your using a credit card.
So I (Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12) will just use that money and add it to your Saturday rate and then you will
have to pay the $25 deposit on the card.

I wonder could she even boil water?

Saturday evening I ordered some food at the Minnehaha Cafe.
Guess what I was not allowed to use my food comp.

Food Voucher's are no good at this location

I asked to speak to a MOD: Manager on Duty.
Just gets better every day!! LOL
I asked the Manager of Minnehaha Cafe why I couldn’t use the voucher: “ah I don’t no?”
When I asked for a resolution the Male Manager just kept on asking more questions.
Not looking to resolve anything. Just wanted to make an uncomfortable situation worse by creating a very HORRIBLE situation.
I left the Minnehaha Cafe and went to the the front desk to see how or where I could get some food.
Food Voucher's are no good at this location

No response from the front desk.

"oh there is nothing I can do"

I realize all the Mystic Lake Casino is about is get all the money they can and at any cost.

With the USA flag

Because they will just give the great employee answer:
There is nothing I can do about it.
Front desk best response: “There is nothing I can do about it.”
There is nothing I can do about it.

Another great response from the first line of “Customer Service.”

I’m starving and wanted some food.
Now the Casino just makes me feel trapped.
So I go back up to my room then call back down to the front desk and ask if I’m allowed to order pizza from
a different source then other than Native American sources?

Sure that would be fine.
Sure that would be fine.

Can’t eat down stairs, but I was allowed to order food from an outside source. I call down stairs to ask for permission to order food from an outside source.

To get permission.
Sounds like a lock down campaign.
Thanks to Domino’s Pizza I was able to eat.
Nothing like being treated that I don’t belong.
Only my money.

Now it’s Sunday mourning.

I clean up my room. Because there was NO house cleaning for my entire stay.
I could not wait to get off PRIVATE PROPERTY.

So I go about my business and now it’s time to check out on Sunday.
I get on an elevator ride down to the third floor met by a great older couple.
The elevator goes down two floors and stops; the elevator is full.
I REPEAT the elevator is full.

There are FOUR other empty elevators on the wing.

There are a total of five I repeat five elevators side by side on every floor.
Those other four were EMPTY.

A Native American woman and her three, four or five kids push their way into the elevator with their luggage.
There was no room on the elevator. But she decided to be rude and push here way into the FULL ELEVATOR.
FYI again: there were FOUR empty elevators available that her and her kids and luggage could have taken.
I even asked a young child not to sit in my bag, which is what he or she looked like they were about to do.

Oh wait it’s a sardinevator not an elevator.

Then the woman started to get vulgar; foul language.
Instead of any common sense the woman shoves her way onto the elevator with the rest of her kids and pushes the older couple into the back wall of the elevator.
Hits the woman a couple of times or pushes herself into her, or both.
I no of this because the older woman and gentleman mentioned this to me after everyone left the elevator on floor three.
The older woman said she was hit twice and shoved/pushed into the back of the elevator by the younger woman.

What a joke.

I do believe the woman and her children were NATIVE AMERICANS.
Who after getting off the elevator runs strait to security to complain about me asking her child not to sit on my luggage?
The Native American was swearing and using the Lords name in vain on the elevator,
and cursing after she has exited the elevator.
After she get’s off the elevator she runs over to security screaming wolf.

I go to check out and there stands Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12.

“I am the supervisor!”

I can help you!
Cynthia decided to mess everything up on my room account Sunday mourning during check out process.
Keep the $25 cash deposit. Charge me an extra $25 on my credit card. Also charge me an extra $8 dollars and some change for tax. I still don’t no what that was all about.
I asked to take $10 off my room for the food comp voucher that I couldn’t use, but she took it off and added it back on.
I thought this was my last horrific experience of my stay.
Cynthia Carlson badge #36707 exp 03/12 has no customer service skills of any kind.
But she does where a badge from Cracker Jacks stating she is a supervisor.

I could not take her abusive attitude any longer and leave.
After I finally get my $25 cash deposit and my check out slip.

Oh but wait the Native American woman and her rude children talk to security about her I don’t no what; to get the head of Security Brian to come over and square off with me like he was going to tackle me on the ground.
Demanding to no what had just occurred on the elevator and which one. Another abusive employee harassing me to find out what had happened in the elevator.

Why was the head of Security questioning me about a rude woman and her children; I think she might have been a member of the tribe.
I could be wrong, but that would explain the over bearing attitude from the head of security Brian. He didn’t want me to leave. Kept on asking stupid questions.

The last place I wanted to be was on the Mdewakanton Reservation. It’s private property. With the USA flag

I just wanted to be back on United States Land.

If the older couple that she had hit with her bag in the elevator was still there to make a statement with her husband then her story would not have been so grand and she acted it out to be.

So if you want a terribly horrific experience go to Casino of horror.

Mystic Lake Casino = Mdewakanton Indian Reservation = Sovereign Land.

Visit at your own risk.

Oh yea it is sovereign land.

There own rules and laws on sovereign land.

House cleaning had also harassed a white couple Sunday mourning for something I didn’t catch the whole conversation.

Here is the fridge I asked for:

I asked for a fridge: a clean one must have been out of clean fridges

dirty coffee cup same room dirty fridge

Coffee cup in my room when I checked in had food dried in it:

dried food in the coffe cup upon check in

How about a clean cup for my coffee?

How about that clean cup. What is that food?